The Williams Family Barn was originally built in 1840 and today serves as a living museum and has many of its original tools and objects. The Barn committee warmheartedly looks forward to, presenting this historic landmark. It’s a place for families to visit and enjoy the simpler things in life! The Committee enjoys informing and educating the public on such topics as agriculture, local history, conservation and the environment. 

    The Williams Barn Committee has something to offer everyone throughout the year. The Committee host events that capture the days of our past such as, the Groton Farmers Market with live music, the Thanksgiving Farmers Market, Groton Women's Club Holiday Green's Sale, the Barn’s Earth Day event, The Local Native American Council holds their Open House on the farm. Also, every year in June the Barn Committee, with the Groton Women's Club, host the entire Groton/Dunstable 3-4 grade class. They are treated to, what life was like for a child in the 1840's.

    There is always someone or something to see at the Barn. Al Wyatt (Williams) is there most days working on something. Stop in and say hi, he may be fixing a roof or rebuilding a wagon but he always has time to chat and share the history of the buildings. 

    Visitors can hike the old cart paths around the farm and can be enjoyed by the whole family; explore the countryside, stone walls and old foundations. We challenge visitors to find the old kissing tree where Williams and Wyatt family members carved their initials in the tree for over a hundred years. Come and enjoy an old Frontier Town, and let yourself be immersed and imagine the vast-pastures that existed on both sides of the walls and envision… what life was like 160 years ago in Groton.

Note: The William's Barn is not rental property.

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Farmer's Market

Williams Barn  160 Chicopee Row Groton, MA 01450

July 5-October 11
Fall hours: 3-dusk

Our Holiday Market will be taking place on November 23, 2019 from 10am to 2pm!