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     The William's Family Land has been a part of Groton, MA for 340 years and the Wyatt Family currently stands as a historical advocate and linage to this conservation land. The original title, circa 1670, gave Thomas Williams a 5 acre right (an acre right was 55 acres) in this historic town. In 1840, Williams Barn was erected and, today, serves as a living museum that honors the town’s agriculture roots. The barn that resides on the property is a representative example of the early timber framing reflected in American barns of this period. 

   In the late 1990’s, the barn was nearly forgotten, in near collapse and covered in vegetation. A number of thoughtful, hardworking volunteers in town including three generations of Williams (Wyatt’s) helped save the Barn. Today it stands in grand style without the animals, although, there are some on occasion. The property has an antique in-ground silo too, one of the few to be restored in the northeast! The Barn is located on the remaining ninety-three acres of land and the Barn Committee use this to host a local farmers market and provide an enriching historical experience and local entertainment.
The Williams Barn